A Fond Farewell

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A Fond Farewell

After a bit of soul-searching, I’ve decided that it’s time to let go of writing my blog every month. To be honest, I’ve simply run out of material. When I launch into a story, someone usually says that they’ve already heard it. Or their face conveys that sentiment.  So, though I’ve enjoyed the discipline of writing and sharing, I think it’s time. I’m ending up with 95 one-pagers that I started to write back in February 2012.

I began writing my one-pagers as a way of slowing myself down when I was consulting at Mattel. I would schedule a half-day every month to just sit in my office and write a story about someone acting courageously at work. I would then share the story with my colleagues.

When I retired from Mattel, I began to share personal stories about my parents and my youth, our family reunions, my wife Farn and our two sons, hitchhiking stories, favorite books and movies, my introversion, being a grandfather, growing old, and much more.

 If someone weaved all of these 95 one-pagers together into a book, along with my pastels, it would make an interesting memoir about my life. Not so much a chronological memoir, but instead: what I care about, my values, my likes and dislikes, and experiences that help define me.

I’ve very much enjoyed reading all of your feedback and comments in the space following my blog. Some of you wrote to me personally instead. Either was fine with me. And I’ll miss that connection. Letter writing is becoming a dying art, since everyone prefers texts. So, in a sense, that’s what I have been doing……writing all of you a personal letter every month.

I’m leaving my site open for now. I may periodically share a new story because I’ll always be a storyteller—it’s just who I am.  I have everyone’s email address and I’ll look forward to staying in touch one-on-one. Thanks for your part in making my blog a very rewarding run. Take care.


  1. I just joined and you are now quitting???!! Haha! I totally understand. It is good to recognize when things are over. I have enjoyed immensely the few posts I’ve received, especially the touching, resonate poem by your mother this month. I shared that one with my brothers & they resonated with it too. Stay in touch, John. If you ever plan to return to Lawrence again, let me know.

  2. Sounds like more of a “see you later” than a “ goodbye” John, and I’m happy to hear that. I always enjoy your notes, glad you are keeping your site active. Wish I had your discipline, wish I had your storytelling talent, most of all, I wish you well.

  3. I will keep in touch John. I have enjoyed reading your Blog, and will look forward to a story once in a while. Take care.

  4. I love your stories and when you share your art, John. I will always look forward to anything you continue to post and especially hear from you directly. Much love, Andrea

  5. John, your stories have always been a joy to hear and read, so don’t worry about friends who say they have heard them before. You have a lot of friends who, as we get older and our memory fades, will enjoy them as if hearing them for the first time.

    Get one of your kids to put your one-pagers in a book for the benefit of the generations that follow you. Hearing the personal stories of our ancestors is one of the biggest missings within families.

    Carry on, my friend…

  6. John,
    Bitter sweet; stay in touch!

  7. John,
    I was sorry to hear that you will no longer be doing your one-pagers. They have always been enjoyable to read and reflect upon. The written word is a dying art and your musing will be missed. I hope you don’t completely close the door to future stories as they have been a pleasure to receive and comment on. Perhaps your pastels can tell your stories in place of the written word.

  8. John -I’ve enjoyed all your one pagers, whether I had heard them before or not. Enjoy your hiatus. You never know, perhaps you’ll gather some new material or remember some old ones.

  9. Brother dear, your life “ain’t over yet” so I have supreme confidence that in the days and years ahead more stories will be lived that you’ll be compelled to share.

    Your fans will await. Love and appreciation for who you are and how you tend to people you care about,


  10. John,

    I’ve been reading your blog all these years, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted a comment. I’ve found what you have to say of interest, amusing and fun to read. Thanks for including me on the list. (I’m with others who’ve commented: I’ll wager you’ll be back.)


  11. John – You have a wonderful ability to put feelings and thoughts into words. We will all miss your ongoing monthly contacts but I for one will make a more concerted effort to keep in touch one on one. Each of our lives are constantly changing and evolving – and though many of us have not been to the places you have been, there is a resonance within us that enjoys what you are saying and what your emotions are in that place or experience. Keep on keepin’ on! Jo

  12. Thanks for letting us know you’re putting down the pen for awhile, even though I am others loved your stories. I hope, though, you’ll continue with your incredible artwork–sharing your work with us. It’s incredible you had this whole artist thing lurking behind the storyteller/change management person. Look forward to seeing you the next time you’re in LA–or I’m out your way!~ Bev

  13. Onward! Your people will remember these fondly, a fond farewell for us too. Love you, Dad.

  14. Have enjoyed your stories and insight into your past and future thoughts! I look forward to staying in touch in other ways. All the best, Lucy

  15. “say it aint so, Joe”! 95? Just doesn’t seem like the right number to pause on…do five more! Maybe 30 more…125 sounds like a better number. Maybe all of us can help if you want it…we’ll give you topics and you give us an experience or visa versa! As we age, connections tend to ground us…ground us John!

  16. You’re a great storyteller and How you’re able to tie them into a lesson. We’ll miss these monthly blogs but happy to know I’ll still get to hear your stories 🙂

  17. Taking a hiatus sounds like a good plan. There will be many eager readers when you have something new to share. Thank you for sharing yourself.

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