Every organization is unique. John caters his approach to your specific needs.

Typically clients are experiencing tremendous challenges. Internal resources are overloaded, there are too many fragmented activities, and the personal aspects of change are overlooked. John begins each consulting relationship by obtaining an understanding of his client’s situation, then working collaboratively to develop a strategy that truly fits the needs of the organization.


John’s values and beliefs shape his work in organizations:

  • Start with the customer’s perspective.
    Place attention on purpose while guarding against inward-looking solutions.
  • Model the behavior.
    Take responsibility rather than blame others. Give away skills to others. Act with courage. Have fun.
  • Find creative ways to implement change.
    Involve everyone in the change process.
  • Balance the business, technical, and social requirements throughout the work.
    Don’t focus on improving just one of these requirements. Pay attention to all three.
  • Tinker with the tension between urgency and slowing down.
    Find the balance in today’s fast-paced organizations.