Musings eBook Now Available

If you like my blog – you’ll love my new eBook! It’s many of my one-pagers in a handy electronic format.Musings Cover 2

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new eBook, Musings From a Leadership Expert – a compilation of my 30 years as an internal consultant at organizations like Mattel (where I served as Director of Organization Development), and as an external consultant at companies like Pillsbury, Ford Motor Company, and Johnson & Johnson. I’ve spoken internationally on the topic of leadership around the world, and no matter what the gender, culture, or profession, leaders and organizations face many of the same challenges.

The eBook is the perfect format to take my Musings anywhere. Need to open a meeting with something a little different? Use one of my one-pagers as an inspiration. Utilize the eBook when you are meeting with staff, or simply take a breather on your own and invigorate and motivate yourself with a few essays…you have 20 Musings at your fingertips. Of course, I will continue to update my blog – but having heard so many positive words from all of you, I thought you would enjoy the convenience and low cost of this compilation. I look forward to your thoughts.

Download Musings From A Leadership Expert eBook Now!