My Pastels

Sharing a recent passion…

For the last ten or so years, I’ve taken to painting. Every so often, take a look at this page as you may find something new that I’ve chosen to paint. They are not perfect, but I find painting to be such a wonderful way for me to unwind, breathe and express myself.

Thank you for looking!


This was done without much thought. But I like it.
Napa Vineyard
I found it difficult to capture a vineyard. But I tried.
Maine Lighthouse –
There is something about a lighthouse that is captivating.
Abandoned Barn –
Barns and fences seem to capture my attention.

Oregon Coast –
One of my favorite areas to visit. I hope I caught it.
Down the Road –
What is it about roads heading off into the
unknown that draws me in?
Cumulus Clouds –
I’ve become better at capturing clouds.
See what you think.
Delta Cove – One of my earliest pastels of
California’s Delta region.
Shadows & Stairs – I’ve always been interested in shadows and lines. I love this pastel.
American River in the Fall – I did this pastel quickly – in less than an hour. I like the way it captures the colors reflected in the water.
Mono Lake –
My first attempt at clouds. Not horrible, but not great.
Laredo Sunset – Got a bit wild with colors and
yet it is one of my favorites.
Chesapeake Egrit –
An early pastel, but I like the water.
Hanging the Wash – I had never painted a person before and it was difficult. But I love her silhouette behind the sheet.
Western Maryland – Reminds me of our family homestead up in the mountains at the headwaters of the Potomac.
Monterey Bay –I did this one quickly. I love the subtle colors that I tried to capture.
Cypress Tree Tunnel – This one takes me back to Icabod Crane and the Headless Horseman.