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Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to take a break from writing my blog. Consider it a sabbatical. I’ll return in the spring with some new stories to share. I’ve written 72 one pagers that I began sharing with you every month since February 2012. That is almost 6 years ago! I just need a break.

I’ve told stories about my consulting life, acts of courage and leadership in organizations, the need for more positive storytelling, and my concerns about the speed of organizational life and the need to slow down.

I’ve also told personal stories about my mother’s poetry, our family reunions, my father’s influence, my wife, Farn, my two sons, hitchhiking stories, favorite books and movies, my introversion, being a grandfather, growing old, and my love for spontaneity.

I started writing one pagers as a way of slowing myself down when I was working at Mattel. I would schedule a half-day every month to just sit in my office and write a story about someone acting courageously at work. I would then share the story with my colleagues. So, when I retired, I set up my website, got a good distribution list of all of my friends and colleagues, and continued writing a monthly blog.

If someone weaved all of these 72 one pagers together, it would make an interesting memoir about my life. Not so much a chronological memoir but, instead, what I care about, my values, my likes and dislikes, and experiences that help define me. This is more important to me than writing about what’s going on in the world today or my feelings towards Trump. That just depresses and angers me.

I’ve enjoyed when you have commented on my stories in the public space following my blog. Some of you wrote to me personally instead. Either method was fine with me. It just felt good to read comments and to know that you were opening my blog and absorbing what I wrote. I know that we all get inundated with junk mail and delete whatever we can, so I appreciate it.

My guess is that storytelling will always be a major part of my life. It’s deeply ingrained in me. I considered simply letting go of writing my blog altogether, but then realized how much I would miss it. So, allow me to take some time off and I’ll return in the spring. Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you so much for your support. Take care.


P.S. Above are two of my favorite pastels that I painted. Neither of them are spectacular settings, nor are they my best paintings, but I find it calming to look at them.



  1. I wish you and Farn the happiest of holidays with your loved ones! Merry Christmas John!

  2. I can see why those are your favorites, John. Calming, indeed.

    Make the most of your Sabbatical, sir! Stay strong.

  3. JD: I guess your sabbatical is another way to “slow down” with perhaps some defined boundaries. I talk about you frequently. “When on assignment with a client, use this platform to experiment”. So I continue to explore new ways to help people become more aware of how they are leading and the subsequent impact.

    Thank you

  4. Permission granted, storeyteller

  5. Break well deserved, John. I always look forward to your blog but moreso to hearing the stories in person!

  6. Here’s to a colorful, rewarding and refreshing sabbatical, John!
    I look forward to your return in the spring!

  7. I hope all is well, and I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. A sabbatical is a good idea.

  8. Enjoy the break as you spend time and effort on other things.

  9. Thank you for the stories and inspirations, John.
    Enjoy your break from having to document something each month,
    and just take in the experiences … and paint!
    All the best, Michele DeRosa

  10. Looking forward to the spring, John, and the subject matter you’ll be discussing with the readership. Happy Holidays!! …..Mike

  11. Thanks, John. Rest well and come back to us refreshed. Happy holidays.

  12. Noooooo. We need you to make sense of this chaotic world. Enjoy your respite, however brief

  13. Have a relaxing and rejuvenating sabbatical, John

  14. Thanks John. I love your stories– take time and enjoy the peace of nothingness for a few months…cant wait for your return. Engrid

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