A little sampling of what people have to say about John Dupre…

“It’s my pleasure and privilege meeting and knowing John. A man who speaks his thoughts without fear or favor. John reminds me of Mark Twain’s ‘be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul.’ ”

Boon Thai Gan, Director of Finance, Mattel Malaysia 

“It’s people like John who make work a nicer place to be by wakening up and slowing down people. It’s the combination that is so unique.”

Frankie Tsang, Training Manager, Mattel Hong Kong

“I like John’s soft touch of life and the approach to do things he is passionate about. John will make a great trainer for people who are in the fast race to do so many things but fail to live their lives to the fullest.”

Steve LaBella, VP Marketing, Mattel European Cluster

“John is an outstanding listener and thought enhancer. He doesn’t just ask you to provoke, he evolves thoughts—-which is quite rare.”

Devi Kamala, Director, Product Integrity, Mattel Malaysia

“John is someone who always acts congruently with what he believes — no masks, no politics, no hidden agendas. He is an anomaly in an environment that thrives on appearance and doesn’t encourage divergence from the corporate line.”

Ricardo Solar, President & CEO, Ayax Systems

“John’s role in facilitating our executive team and his guidance along the way helped keep us focused and on track to deliver an action plan that will yield significant results for our company.”

Jerry Cleary, President, In-Sync Consulting  Formerly VP of Sales, Mattel

“John’s contributions to our cultural improvement and team building in our plant will be felt for many years.”

Marshall Tanner, Plant Manager, Bandag, Inc.

“I want to thank you for your help in my own development. You challenged me in a way that I could hear it. You helped me see both my strengths and my weaknesses, and I’m a better leader now because of it.

Matt Petersen, VP, Packaging Design, Mattel

“John really did a magnificent job. So personal, so revealing, and so clear about his work. It was so important that students see the kinds of thinking and behavior that come naturally to John.”

Susan Nero, Dean of Students, Masters of Organizational Management, Antioch University