Building Partnerships

An IT employee once said to me, “I’ve spent years developing IT skills. But it’s not until now that I realize that technical expertise is not enough. I need to develop a partnership with my users so they will want to work with me. I’ve never learned how to do that.”puzzlepartner

Building Partnerships is a half-day workshop that teaches employees how to relate to others in their organization. It is primarily designed for employees in staff roles, such as HR, Finance, IT, Quality, Legal, etc. Staff people are skilled technical experts—but their challenge is developing relationship skills so their expertise is utilized by their clients.

Workshop Objectives

The purpose of this workshop is to help staff employees:

  • Establish and maintain partnerships
  • Avoid no-win situations
  • Increase leverage and credibility with their clients
  • Fully utilize their expertise

 Workshop Details and Costs:

  • Each workshop is a half day (4 hours).
  • Cost: $2,000 for each workshop, plus travel and accommodations.