Dealing with Difficult People

Most employees struggle with someone else in their organizational sphere. It may be a boss, a direct report, or a peer in another department. The ability to respectfully manage differences of opinion or style is a much-needed skill. difficultpeople

Dealing With Difficult People is a half-day workshop that teaches employees how to manage conflict. Using the word “manage” rather than the word “resolve” is intentional. Managing conflict means finding a way to deal with conflict even when mutual agreement is not possible.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop demonstrates ways for employees to:

  • Discover why they are in conflict
  • Understand the nature of their differences
  • Learn structures and methods for managing conflict
  • Develop personal skills required for dealing with difficult people

 Workshop Details and Costs:

  • Each workshop is a half day (4 hours).
  • Cost: $2,000 for each workshop, plus travel and accommodations.