Positive Storytelling

Informal stories that circulate throughout an organization help shape the culture of that organization. typewriter old

Unfortunately, storytelling at many organizations is often cynical. As people gather around the watercooler, pointing fingers and placing blame, a negative culture emerges.

Positive Storytelling is a half-day workshop that teaches managers the art of telling positive stories, so they can lead by example. The focus is learning how to tell short, compelling stories, painting a positive picture that others will remember and repeat.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Analyze the current storytelling trends in your organization
  • Learn the components of positive storytelling
  • Practice the skills of positive storytelling
  • Develop several positive stories to take back to work

 Workshop Details and Costs:

  • Each workshop is a half day (4 hours).
  • Cost: $2,000 for each workshop, plus travel and accommodations.