Team Building

teambuilding boatStaff meetings can be dreadful. Everyone sits around pretending to be engaged, but no one says a word. After the meeting, team members retreat to the bathroom and hallways and talk about how bored they were.

This type of behavior in organizational life is not uncommon—but it is certainly unproductive. The danger lies in the reluctance on anyone’s part to get the critical issues onto the table, and to be direct and honest.

Team Building is a half-day workshop that provides a model so team members learn how to be candid and open with each other. It provides helpful tools to engage the team, create a climate of trust, and improve team meetings on a regular basis.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop is designed for either managers or intact teams. The objectives are to help:

  • Learn techniques for improving staff meetings
  • Learn the stop/start/continue model for building the team
  • Practice the skills of giving and receiving feedback
  • Make commitments to improve team meetings

 Workshop Details and Costs:

  • Each workshop is a half day (4 hours).
  • Cost: $2,000 for each workshop, plus travel and accommodations.